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You have been selected as University of Massachusetts' Preferred Partner and you can now benefit from receiving faster and more secure digital payments from us through the Paymode-X Network.

The Benefits of Getting Paid Digitally Through Paymode-X

  • Enhance visibility with detailed remittance and reporting when, where and how you want it
  • Improve and speed up cash application and boost critical KPIs by reducing cycle time
  • Achieve peace of mind with multi-layer fraud protection for your digital payments
  • Strengthen business relationships and speed up payments by accepting card and ACH payments
  • Bolster team efficiency by cutting down on paper checks and manual processes

You're one step closer to secure payments. Enroll in just a few minutes - it's easy.

Here's all you need:

  • Your company's legal name, main telephone number and all physical and remittance addresses used by your company
  • Your company's US federal employer identification number (EIN)
  • Your company's bank account information, including ACH routing and account numbers

Join today and be part of University of Massachusetts' e-payment system

University of Massachusetts is pleased to offer suppliers electronic payments for products and services rendered at University of Massachusetts-managed properties. These quick, secure payments will be delivered through Paymode-X. We feel strongly that paying you digitally through Paymode-X will benefit you in many ways and also represents a measurable improvement to how you're being paid today. Additionally, by using Paymode-X, you will contribute to reducing the use of paper and partner with University of Massachusetts on our sustainability initiatives.


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"The Paymode-X service is easy to use and provides complete online access to all remittance information for ease of posting."

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"With over 200 Hobart Service locations, the Paymode-X service has made payment posting easier for our staff."

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How Does Paymode-X Work?

Learn how to get paid, access reports, and gain all of the benefits Paymode-X offers.

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